Let Corners Interior Design Enhance Your Living Spaces

Designing a home’s interiors can do more than just improve its appearance. It can also make time spent indoors a more pleasant experience. This is only possible when you have a deep understanding of how someone goes through their everyday life.

At Corners Interior Design, we take pride in helping people lead happier lives by making the interiors of their homes functional and beautiful. We design all types of rooms. With more than 20 years of experience, we can turn any house into a home that’s perfect for entertaining guests, raising a family, or living independently.

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Company Background

Our founder, Ximena Mendez, received her interior design license in 2008. Soon after, she established Corners Interior Design in 2010. She did so for the same reason many individuals set up their own ventures—so she can follow her dreams and enjoy the freedom of running her own business.